Samuel Clay
is up on a hill in San Francisco.
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The Man and the Lotuses P1050162.jpg Balanced Rock near Arches National Park IMG_8920.jpg DSC_0270.jpg Arches National Park Lotuses at dusk DSC_0070.jpg P1040651.jpg P1050436.jpg IMG_8927.jpg P1050438.jpg IMG_2065.jpg Pulse & Bloom - Soldering boards.jpg P1050255.jpg IMG_8777.jpg IMG_8863.jpg IMG_8930.jpg IMG_8824.jpg IMG_8933.jpg IMG_8774.jpg IMG_8954.jpg P1050597.jpg IMG_1893.jpg DSC_0156.jpg IMG_8809.jpg IMG_8767.jpg DSC_0164.jpg DSC_0128.jpg IMG_9024.jpg IMG_8861.jpg P1050292.jpg P1050430.jpg Monument Valley in Navajo Nation P1040569.jpg Marina dangling over the entrenched meander at Goosenecks State Park At the Grand Canyon IMG_1991.jpg DSC_0268.jpg P1050110.jpg Arches National Park P1050081.jpg Pulse & Bloom - LEDs.jpg P1050192.jpg DSC_0197.jpg P1050576.jpg At the Grand Canyon Neon Museum of Vegas
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