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Fancy Hotel with Fancy Greenery P1050197.jpg This 15 foot tree took us to the beach for a Christmas bonfire. Tree Climber Ft. Greene Historic District Brittany at Mosaic Canyon Ft. Greene Historic District P1050132.jpg Shiloh & Saba beneath their creation The Armory Show 2010 How I feel about the Cloisters. P1050151.jpg P1050205.jpg Campeche P1050128.jpg P1050209.jpg Pyramid Lounging The Armory Show 2010 Ft. Greene Historic District The Armory Show 2010 IMG_2073.jpg Florida State Border P1050187.jpg Second time in a row that the Shenandoa denies us passage. I'm a Moncho Man Veggie Harvest Swimming in a Cenote (Sinkhole) Emily The Armory Show 2010 P1050114.jpg P1050198.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District Fish in the Cenote P1050155.jpg Brittany and Glass P1050155.jpg Pretty Pyramid at Ek Balam P1050162.jpg P1050237.jpg Dizzy Gillespie Last Rooftop Party Emily Cats and dogs The Armory Show 2010 P1050118.jpg Dropbox employees serenading the conference with 90s alternative rock. P1050556.jpg What are you waiting for? For a small fee, Zoltar will give you a wealth of wisdom.
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