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The Armory Show 2010 P1040657.jpg IMG_8826.jpg Ocean at Tulum IMG_2159.jpg IMG_8734.jpg I am now the proud owner of six cronots. Seven if you count the one I just ate. At Stack Exchange HQ so I can finally repay everything I owe them for Stack Overflow. The Armory Show 2010 Emaciated Perro P1050122.jpg Dog & Cat Shiloh & Saba beneath their creation P1050152.jpg Sam in Mosaic Canyon IMG_8744.jpg The Beach in Florida Reflowing sensors.jpg IMG_8780.jpg P1050196.jpg This Iguana Doesn't Need Doors Live on the Side of a Mountain (After Photoshop) P1050109.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District Live on the Side of a Mountain (Before Photoshop) The Armory Show 2010 Tennessee Rivers Our Hostel in Mérida Man Reading in his Backyard and Does He Even Know He is Being Photographed Zabriskie Point in Death Valley IMG_9034.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District P1050413-Edit.jpg P1040651.jpg IMG_8817.jpg The normal look for burners Brittany on the Roof Dinner on the Roof in Campeche Like Greenland ain’t green and Iceland ain’t ice, Dead Man’s Point is where people go to live. Brittany at the Wedding IMG_8821.jpg At the Bay Area Maker Faire. Say hello if you're here, too! Fancy Girls at the AutoZone P1050122.jpg P1050112.jpg Fires Are Everywhere P1050292.jpg P1050205.jpg
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