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is 346 days away from graduation.
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IMG_8932.jpg IMG_2107.jpg DSC_0268.jpg P1050195.jpg P1050114.jpg P1050516.jpg DSC_0148.jpg P1050212.jpg DSC_0070.jpg IMG_8890.jpg Monument Valley in Navajo Nation At the Grand Canyon DSC_0225.jpg IMG_8938.jpg DSC_0250.jpg Mt Zion P1050161.jpg P1050128.jpg At the Grand Canyon IMG_8796.jpg Grand Canyon hike to the bottom DSC_0210.jpg Pulse & Bloom - LEDs.jpg IMG_2086.jpg Dusty Pulse & Bloom Boards P1050292.jpg P1050081.jpg IMG_8918.jpg DSC_0213.jpg P1050233.jpg DSC_0038.jpg Vegas Container Park P1040577.jpg At the Grand Canyon Corona Arch IMG_8809.jpg DSC_0184.jpg DSC_0104.jpg DSC_0270.jpg IMG_8817.jpg IMG_2076.jpg Solar eclipse at Arches National Park IMG_8856.jpg P1040604.jpg The normal look for burners IMG_8734.jpg P1050197.jpg Bryce Canyon
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