Samuel Clay
is another former Clevelander.
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Sam in Mosaic Canyon P1050527.jpg Sam and Brittany fixing lotuses IMG_8774.jpg Dizzy Gillespie IMG_8935.jpg The Armory Show 2010 P1050144.jpg Jesus Died 150 ft. in the Air The Armory Show 2010 The Armory Show 2010 Holding up the MUNI. My photo just won the MUNI category of the #sfphotohunt P1040476.jpg P1050198.jpg Hand in Hand Dinner on the Roof in Campeche Pulse & Bloom - Raw Stems.jpg P1050233.jpg Art of Mérida Sand Dunes in Death Valley Live on the Side of a Mountain (Before Photoshop) Brittany Sand Dunes in Death Valley P1050589.jpg Maryland State Border IMG_8827.jpg IMG_9034.jpg The Man and the Lotuses P1050122.jpg IMG_8821.jpg IMG_8822.jpg IMG_8932.jpg P1050382.jpg P1050143.jpg P1040501.jpg P1050227.jpg Shiloh & Saba beneath their creation IMG_2023.jpg South Carolina State Border Florida State Border IMG_8837.jpg P1050168.jpg Cucina Economica is a Big Disappointment P1050192.jpg IMG_8793.jpg IMG_9022.jpg IMG_8972.jpg Moving weekend means lots and lots of boxes.
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