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Jaguar Mouth USA-NEVADA/BURNINGMAN The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8814.jpg IMG_9034.jpg The most actively developed labyrinth in SF. Dog Resting on Pyramid, 30m in the Sky P1050126.jpg P1050556.jpg Blessing the Palms Cassie Brittany and Glass P1050112.jpg Great Smokey Mountain National Park Shiloh in a dust storm USA-NEVADA/BURNINGMAN North Carolina State Border Pyramid at Coba The Armory Show 2010 Lotuses in a dust storm IMG_8806.jpg I am now the proud owner of six cronots. Seven if you count the one I just ate. IMG_8902.jpg Lotuses at dusk P1050109.jpg Fountain Feet Zabriskie Point in Death Valley P1040431.jpg P1050467.jpg Dancing in the Street Brittany at Mosaic Canyon IMG_8926.jpg Brittany Prepping for burning man with lots and lots of fur. Katie and Shiloh The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8845.jpg P1050612.jpg Pride, No Clear. P1040651.jpg P1050424.jpg IMG_8987.jpg IMG_8852.jpg P1040447.jpg Lands End Our rooftop in Brooklyn Lost in the Python Bee finals to Guido, but won this iPhone 5 as a consolation prize. Brittany on the Roof
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