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The siren's call is strong on this coast. IMG_8861.jpg The Beach in Florida Groom Standing There Wondering if the Wedding is Going to Happen The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8768.jpg DSC_0165.jpg Lotuses in a dust storm The Armory Show 2010 P1050207.jpg Shiloh in a dust storm DSC_0049.jpg Brittany and Glass P1050207.jpg P1050094.jpg DSC_0210.jpg Fancy Girls at the AutoZone P1050123.jpg P1050198.jpg DSC_0275.jpg Angry Chickens The Armory Show 2010 P1050143.jpg P1050114.jpg IMG_8912.jpg P1050209.jpg Shiloh The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8753.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District IMG_8902.jpg The early arrival braceful says "Work hard, don't do stupid shit." P1050201.jpg Happy Couple Exchanging Rings/Tax Documents IMG_1973.jpg IMG_2168.jpg Family Portrait Muscles at the Great Smokey Mountain National Park Fountain Feet IMG_9024.jpg P1050200.jpg P1050126.jpg Second time in a row that the Shenandoa denies us passage. Katie and Shiloh Fondue in the park, 60s themed for The Graduate. P1050094.jpg Emaciated Perro Ft. Greene Historic District
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