Samuel Clay
is another former Clevelander.
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DSC_0207.jpg DSC_0194.jpg DSC_0183.jpg IMG_8796.jpg DSC_0055.jpg Shoe Making in Valladolid DSC_0012.jpg Arnaud, Guinea Pig DSC_0212.jpg IMG_8868.jpg Fancy Hotel with Fancy Greenery Door snail. Sun in Fountain Last Rooftop Party Our rooftop in Brooklyn IMG_8741.jpg DSC_0206.jpg DSC_0090.jpg P1040457.jpg DSC_0154.jpg P1050248.jpg P1050152.jpg Dropbox employees serenading the conference with 90s alternative rock. IMG_8898.jpg Model Mary Ft. Greene Historic District IMG_8816.jpg Something Something Jesus IMG_8956.jpg P1040616.jpg IMG_8761.jpg P1050220.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District P1040416.jpg IMG_8850.jpg Pulse & Bloom - Sensor.jpg A Tree Grows in Campeche IMG_8844.jpg DSC_0226.jpg IMG_8980.jpg P1050192.jpg Cassie IMG_9034.jpg Zabriskie Point in Death Valley Sammy's Windswept at Lunch near Uxmal P1050116.jpg Tennessee Rivers P1050438.jpg
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