Samuel Clay
is up on a hill in San Francisco.
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Ft. Greene Historic District Dusty Pulse & Bloom Boards IMG_8968.jpg Broken 20 Amp Fuse from the Boris the Buick P1050143.jpg P1040669.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District DSC_0238.jpg The Armory Show 2010 IMG_2159.jpg DSC_0229.jpg DSC_0234.jpg P1050476.jpg Uxmal Details IMG_8892.jpg DSC_0086.jpg The Armory Show 2010 Dinner on the Roof in Campeche DSC_0092.jpg P1050238.jpg P1050220.jpg DSC_0030.jpg DSC_0213.jpg P1050556.jpg MUNI is texture paradise DSC_0169.jpg P1050209.jpg P1050110.jpg Ft. Greene Historic District The Armory Show 2010 Brittany and Glass IMG_8743.jpg Swimming in a Cenote (Sinkhole) IMG_8780.jpg P1040457.jpg DSC_0248.jpg P1050197.jpg Maryland State Border Zabriskie Point in Death Valley Doors for Tall Men IMG_2076.jpg IMG_8863.jpg DSC_0198.jpg P1050102.jpg DSC_0205.jpg The Armory Show 2010 IMG_8781.jpg IMG_8980.jpg
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