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Brooklyn Heights Historic District Cobble Hill Historic District Kansas State Border We Made it Back to Ohio, Where We Grew Up Park Slope Historic District Berkeley does this to you. Arnaud Dropbox employees serenading the conference with 90s alternative rock. Lotuses at dusk Piggy Dinner The Armory Show 2010 Katie and Michael Posing at Stanford Stripey Mountains of Southern Utah Coney Island Beer Vendor Mosaic Canyon Cactus The Armory Show 2010 Zabriskie Point in Death Valley Park Slope Historic District The Armory Show 2010 The "Look At Me" Mayan God Ft. Greene Historic District Boerum Hill Historic District Zabriskie Point in Death Valley The Armory Show 2010 Angry Chickens Broken 20 Amp Fuse from the Boris the Buick Ito P1040416.jpg P1040506.jpg Arnaud (L) and Ito (R) Flava Flav's Prior Art Katie Taking Somebody Else's Photo at Stanford Fancy Girls at the AutoZone Shiloh Knows Where to Go Park Slope Historic District Cobble Hill Historic District Boobs Cobble Hill Historic District Park Slope Historic District Georgia Playground Fondue in the park, 60s themed for The Graduate. Ft. Greene Historic District Kevin My father was kind enough to send us his latest painting Critical Mass hits Lombard. (Warning, NSFW) View From the Top at Coba With Saba and Shiloh Llamas in my head, llamas at the door, llamas in the park.
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