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IMG_2086.jpg Brittany Takes Her Time Getting Down Swimming in a Cenote (Sinkhole) Last Rooftop Party View From the Top at Coba This Iguana Doesn't Need Doors IMG_8898.jpg The Armory Show 2010 Shiloh P1050205.jpg Taj Majal in Needlepoint Ft. Greene Historic District IMG_8863.jpg IMG_9023.jpg IMG_8769.jpg IMG_8903.jpg This Seder plate is almost kosher, save for the dog bone in place of the shank bone. Tree Climber Ft. Greene Historic District Literally a sunflower. Uxmal Details Pulse & Bloom - PicoBuck.jpg Modern dance on a 10 story building. P1050436.jpg Driving the Yucatan Countryside The Armory Show 2010 Something Something Jesus P1050178.jpg Live on the Side of a Mountain (Before Photoshop) The Armory Show 2010 Zabriskie Point in Death Valley IMG_8782.jpg Hand in Hand IMG_8822.jpg Wind map of a single point. Purcell is the slave and Erik is the master. Dog in Cage Makes Everybody Sad IMG_8920.jpg Brittany at the Wedding Ft. Greene Historic District Ft. Greene Historic District P1050574.jpg P1040657.jpg P1050597.jpg Sam in Mosaic Canyon Ubehebe Crater P1050109.jpg IMG_2077.jpg
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